Vocal Coaches



Christine Kounnas Vocal Coach/Owner/Director

Christine has been involved with music for 30 years.

Christine learnt the piano from age 8, has had acting roles on TV series and has also been trained extensively in classical, musical theatre and pop singing. She has performed around Melbourne, had lead roles in musicals along with appearances on radio.

Christine is a heart felt singer-songwriter who has written and released her original songs, collaborated with renowned international producers with several tracks having had worldwide distribution.


Chantelle Trotter

Chantelle has had over 10 years of vocal training and has performed at various festivals and events around Melbourne.

She has featured on TV series and had lead acting roles on commercials. Chantelle is also an accomplished dancer having performed at the Australian open and Asian Cup opening ceremony. 



Rashmi Loreinne

Rashmi has been involved with singing for over 20 years, having performed at various school and university events around Melbourne. Music is her passion and she loves to perform. As a mother of 3 young girls, she wants to inspire others to use music as a tool for positivity and confidence. Rashmi has been training at CK for more than 2 years, and is also working towards AMEB qualifications in Piano. 

Beth Potter

Beth has played the piano for 12 years and been trained vocally in contemporary and classical singing. Beth also teaches piano. 

Beth received an A+ for VCE Voice and has completed a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Rebecca Franzoni

Rebecca has had over 10 years of vocal training and has performed at various festivals and events around Melbourne.

She has had numerous lead roles in musical theatre productions and has coordinated multiple performance based acting/singing workshops. Rebecca is a gifted stage performer and powerhouse vocalist.

Maisie Borg

Maisie has had over 7 years of vocal training and has performed at various events around Melbourne as a lead vocalists in bands.

Maisie has a diploma in music performance, majoring in songwriting.

She has collaborated with many musicians and is a talented vocalist and songwriter.  

Alexia Frasca

Alexia has had over 15 years experience in the music industry.

She has been involved in numerous musical theatre productions as a  vocalist and also as a stage manager. She is a talented, gifted and highly entertaining performer.

Chiara Layton

Chiara has had over 13 years experience in performing arts specializing in singing. She is an incredible singer-songwriter, has written several original songs and been accompanying herself on the piano for over 9 years. 

Chiara has had lead roles in musicals and performances, including appearances on tv commercials

Xanthi Tsioukis

Xanthi has been teaching at CK Singing School for over 10 years, with 20 years experience in piano, performing and singing.

Xanthi has also had Lead roles in musical productions.

"Singing at CK has enabled me to grow as a singer
and a performer. I am thankful to
have experienced the opportunities
made availble to me over the years".
Rebecca Franzoni 
Student at CK for 10 years/ Vocal Coach at CK