Imagine how you will feel after stepping onto the stage and performing with presence, confidence, great technique and emotion... many students have reflected on their journey with CK over the years and how working with our industry vocal coaches has transformed their singing!

Book a PRIVATE Singing Class

We offer private 30 minute lessons for adults. (Group classes are available upon request) 

Our classes are run by professional vocal coaches and are targeted to your individual needs, we offer ongoing support and help you achieve your music goals.

You will leave each lesson feeling positive and feel the warmth of our caring and passionate team of vocal coaches.

You have the flexibility to attend weekly, fortnightly or casual lessons. 

There are several performance opportunities within CK and our talent is often sought after at external events and festivals. 

We have coached adults in musical productions, bands, songwriters, those wanting to improve their public speaking or even just learn to sing as a personal hobby for themselves.

Our targeted lessons will coach you in performance, technique, versatility, song style and interpretation. 

"Over my 10 years at CK Singing School, I have learnt how to be confident and believe in myself.
Christine has helped me to develop my voice and I will be forever grateful for that.
CK Singing School has helped me grow not only as a singer, but as a performer and a person"
Chantelle Trotter
Student at CK for 10 years