"Singing at CK have been the best years of my life!

Every class is so unique and different, it makes

every week feel so enjoyable. I couldn't thank all

the students and teachers enough for all their support" 

Amy V
12 yr old student at CK

"Over my 10 years at CK Singing School,

I have learnt how to be confident and believe in myself.

Christine has helped me to develop my voice

and I will be forever grateful for that.

CK Singing School has helped me grow

not only as a singer, but as a performer and a person"

Chantelle Trotter
Student at CK for 10 years



 "This is my 7th year at CK Singing School and I am

so grateful for everything Christine has helped me to

achieve.I have not only gained performance skills,

I have gained lifeskills and valuable experiences

I will carry  throughout my entire life"

Chiara Layton
Student at CK for 7 years


  "Christine is more than a singing teacher. 
An extension of her teaching is her insightful and
generous spirit. She has helped many young
people in so many ways". 
Liz Marsh
Student Parent

"Singing at CK has enabled me to grow as a

singer and a performer. I am thankful to

have experienced the opportunities

made availble to me over the years".

Rebecca Franzoni 

Student at CK for 8 years


"Christine has guided my songwriting career,

helped me gain confidence and given

me the courage to record my own songs"

Sarah P
Student at CK

"At CK Singing School there is strong focus on 

 confidence building as Christine Kounnas constantly

sources and creates opportunities for students to

showcase their talents within the school and externally."

Gina Tracas
Student Parent


"I love CK, Ive been here for 6 years and I 

would never think of changing schools."

Chloe Cambareri 
12 yr old student at CK

"CK Singing School achieves excellence by

celebrating all musical styles and nurturing

the unique talent of every single student."

Zoe Tracas
Student at CK for 5 years


"I really enjoy singing at CK, 

Ive met so many new friends and built 

my confidence to sing in front of people". 

Alexandra Cardamone 

Student at CK 

"From the first initial phone call from Christine to this very day

we have felt like Anabelle has been a priority and her growth as

a singer has blossomed. Christine and all her staff take the

time to think about the individual child and they work on a

formula to produce the best version of themselves. 

We as a family are so appreciative of this process and are really

proud of our daughter. Thank you from the Doucas Family".

Margaret Doucas
Student Parent 



"Prior to CK Singing, James was a very shy kid that loved to sing

but not in the presence of anyone! I was talking to a friend who

suggested we call CK Singing and Christine was so helpful and

also offered James a free trial in a group session.

He left feeling really happy to take up singing lessons and despite being

a busy athlete, he compromised and ensured he attended singing.

We were delighted with the school, Christine and her teachers are all

so friendly, positive and encouraging. They were fantastic with helping

James build his confidence, developed his vocals and provided many

performance opportunities. The singing students have formed wonderful

friendships too. CK Singing was recommended to us and we highly

recommend them too"

Paula Lay-Tran 

Student Parent

"Since the first lesson I have learnt so much,

thanks to my amazing singing teacher Christine.

All of the vocal coaches are awesome". 

Anthony Panagiotidis 

Student at CK for 7 years

"CK Singing School have been supporters of the Rotary Club of Templestowe

over many years by performing at our events, festivals and Farmer’s Markets.

Many young talented singers and songwriters under the guidance of Christine,
have entertained the public at our events.
The Rotary Club of Templestowe is most appreciative of the partnership
we have with CK Singing School and its work in the community" 
Bryan Tyedin 
Rotary Club of Templestowe